DIY Body Spray

IMG_1045About a year ago my friend Kim shared a DIY room spray recipe with me using essential oils. It was an awesome recipe and smelled amazing, but I honestly just never use room spray. A few weeks after I made the room spray, I saw it on my bedside table, mostly unused, and decided to spritz it on myself rather than in the air. I don’t remember why I decided to do this… maybe I wasn’t feeling fresh? Who knows?!?! But guys, it was awesome! Who knew making your own room-spray-turned-body-spray, void of weird chemicals, could be so easy!? I use this DIY body spray everyday and it literally takes less than 2 minutes to make!
Here’s what you need:
– glass spray bottle
– essential oils of your scent preference (more on that in a minute)
– witch hazel
– waterIMG_1044 Drop 15-20 drops of essential oil into your spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle half way with unscented witch hazel and the rest with water. Soooooo easy, right?
You can create numerous different sent combinations using essential oils! The best and most difficult part of this DIY is choosing your scents!
Here are a few of my favorite scent combos:
Lime & Peppermint (for mojito vibes)IMG_1038 Cedarwood & TangerineIMG_1037 Lemon & Lavender¬†IMG_1040When choosing your oils, always avoid your eyes and be aware that some essential oils are considered “hot”. A few “hot” essential oils to avoid in this recipe since they will be spritz onto skin (but great for other diy projects or recipes): cinnamon bark, clove, oregano, thyme.

I like that these are natural and void of any weird chemicals! Also, they all smell really good and last forever!

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