Dragon Con is cool

Ok, this post might be slightly out of character for me, but just trust me for a moment. Before I contradict everything I want you to know I’ve only read 2 comic books in my life and one was about True Blood, so I don’t even think it counts. I’ve only recently started watching shows and movies in the sci-fi genera (hello Firefly and Battle Star Galactica!!) and I never ever played any video games. Ever. I wont even bowl on the wii. Despite these facts, I REALLY want to go to Dragon Con (or comicon or comic palooza or whatever). I mean, where else can a Sith Lord, Mario, a sexy elf and steampunk batman hang out and have lunch? Ray found this video last night and now it’s my new favorite! I know it’s long, but there are sooooo many incredible costumes. Enjoy!

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