Gardening during a pandemic

2020 has been… stressful, to say the least. One of the things that kept our spirits up over the duration of the spring and summer was tending our garden. We’ve gardened in years past, but this year we went about it with more intention. Not to mention, with quarantining, we had much more time!

While Ray focused on vegetables, I put my efforts into flowers. I planted zinnias (the easiest and most prolific summer flower), strawflowers, and globe amaranth.
We replaced our air conditioner in August, which caused us to pull up some of our garden a littler earlier than expected (but honestly, it was worth it.)
We have big plans to extend our garden, add some raised beds, and lay down rocks for next year!

One thought on “Gardening during a pandemic

  1. Tee

    Hi! Just commenting to say that I found your old blog when I searched
    “Almost wrecked me Christmas”. LMAOOO

    Hope you’re swell.


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