Halloween Costumes

I love Halloween. I think this is because when I was growing up my mom was boarder-line obsessed with the holiday. Our house was decorated, we watched Halloween movies, baked Halloween treats, the whole nine yards. With about a week left until this years festivities, I will be posting a slightly obnoxious amount of Halloween posts between now and then.
First up, a few of my past Halloween costumes:
1. Indian (child version)
2. Princess – Please notice my lipstick.
3. Ballerina – I’m pretty sure this was taken the same year as the Princess. That, or my parents carved the EXACT same terrible pumpkin.
4. Devil – A bit extreme with the mustache, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I could not find a photo of my Keebler Elf costume, which was one of my favorites. It was my prize for winning a coloring contest at Publix.

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