I Like Art : Esther Pearl Watson

I like to think I’m a little bit artsy. My high school and college years were spent focused primarily on art… unfortunately, it seems I have much less time these days. I did, however, spend last night painting hair styles for my friend’s etsy header. I mean, how often does one get to paint an afro? Anyway, I want to use this space to feature some of my favorite artists! One of my current favorite artists is Esther Pearl Watson. Her paintings are imaginative, sweet and a little odd. Most of her inspiration comes from growing up in the mid-west with a father who built space ships in her front yard.  She works with her illustrator-husband Mark Todd to create graphic novels and zines. Dream job, right? Esther and her husband also frequent comicon and speak on the importance of zines and the movement of the illustration world.

Aren’t her paintings magical?

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