Life Update

– Guys, it’s been hella cold here.  25 degrees cold, which is outrageously frigid for the Sunshine State. We even had snow flurries (IN FLORIDA!!!!) a few weekends ago. But it’s also been warm? It was 86 degrees last week. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WEATHER!
– Soup on soup on soup. – To keep warm in the arctic tundra of north Florida, Ray and I have been making lots of soup! It’s one of our specialties! In the last few weeks we’ve made chicken noodle, chicken and wild rice, bacon cheese burger soup (twice), and Texas chili.
– Sickness – Ray was sick with a cold for a week in January. So thankful I didn’t catch it!!
– Home owners for five years?! How?! – January 20th was the 5 year anniversary of Ray and I buying Big Brown. 5 years ago we had no clue how hard/weird/frustrating/awesome owning a house would be.
– House of Cards – I talked about this in my January favorites, but HoC is our new TV obsession! We’re a couple years late to the game, but it’s nice to have 3 seasons to marathon through. Season 4 will be released in March!
– Work Projects – Lots of work projects happening for both Ray and I!! So, time for a vacation, right?
– Nail Polish – I went through all of my nail polish and gave away about 50 bottles. It feels so good because I was starting to run out of storage!
– Ray and I both had a three day weekend over Valentines Day and President’s Day. It was so nice to spend time together and relax!

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