May Favorites

1. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette – I’ve had this for months and I absolutely 100% love it. I got it for Christmas and then lost it for 3 weeks because I accidentally put it in a shoe box. Thankfully, I found it and have been wearing it ever since.
2. Coconut Oil – OH MY GOSH. I’ve been using this instead of a lotion or moisturizer and it’s been wonderful. It also works as a really great hair mask. Sadly, it smells way less coconutty than I thought it would.
3. Trident Layers gum – Mostly it just does a good job of hiding my coffee breath.
4. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve – It’s basically rose scented vaseline in a tiny cute tin that fits perfectly in my purse.
5. Nivea Moisture Hydrating Lip Balm – I think my mom put this in my stocking in 2010…
6. Essie Go Overboard – I’ve painted my nails this color about 5 times in the last month and a half. Basically it’s the perfect nail color.
7. Coffee-mate Caramel Macchiato creamer – seriously my absolute favorite creamer. SERIOUSLY. Go get some now.

2 thoughts on “May Favorites

  1. Andrea

    1. I’ve been contemplating a favorite things post for a bit. Maybe I’ll do one soon.

    2. I love love your banner artwork.

    3. I’ve been using sweet almond oil for everything from moisturizing to face cleanser, and I love it. It has a really mild scent, unlike the argan and jojoba oils I also have. Though the latter two are much more moisturizing. Just kind of stinky.

  2. allison Post author

    1. Do a favorites post!!
    2. Aww, thanks!
    3. Ooooh… I might try that next. I think maybe other brands of coconut oil smell more coconutty. I’m currently using organix argan oil shampoo and it smells so good… so I guess I figured just the oil it would smell like heaven. Now I’m sad it doesn’t.


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