Nailed It!

For my Nailed It post today I wanted to talk about my top ten current favorite nail polishes. Key word: current, because it changes weekly.

My current top ten favorite nail polishes!
1. Stormy by Revlon Top Speed
2. Luxe by Orly
3. Salsa by Chine Glaze
4. In Stitches by Essie
5. Dive Bar by Essie
6. Midnight by Revlon Color Stay
7. Green with Envy by Orly
8. Tenacious Teal by Maybelline
9. Mojito Madness by Essie
10. Tiffany Impostor by Finger Paints

I know it seems a little ridiculous to love nail polish/painting my nails so much, but it’s just another creative outlet for me. I work at a job where I don’t get to be creative or artistic on a regular basis (or ever). Painting my nails is a 15 minute activity that helps fill that void. =)

What are your current favorite nail polishes? What are some things that help fill your creative voids?

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