Ray’s January Favorites!

rays faves!1. Recording books – so now I’m doing music recordings at Big Brown Record Town, my own studio, so I’ve been learning as much as I can… these are all great books that I Recommend!
2. 12 gauge shot gun shell microphones – I got these Red12 Omni Mics for Christmas… and let me tell you, they have been GREAT! I love them! check the link out if you are into microphones (which I’m assuming most of your are actually into nail polish and not microphones)
3. new minnetonka moccasins – I had a pair and they got a hole in them, so I am sooooo glad to have a new pair!
4. Skyrim – So sometimes I play a Video Game. And when I do I prefer there to be elves and dragons involved. Yeah I’m that guy.
5. Georgia coffee travel mug – I finally got my own coffee mug… so I won’t drink out of a pink one as much!

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