Recently in the lives of Alliray

Over the last week:
1. I got a cold. Boo.

2. We were given some new (to us) couches! Not the prettiest I know, but comfortable and lots of extra seating.

3. We had a Brie’s-going-to-Africa party at Big Brown. My mom made Africa and heart cookies!

4. We got a little political.

5. We FINALLY put up our porch swing. And then promptly broke it. =(
 What have you been up to?

3 thoughts on “Recently in the lives of Alliray

  1. April

    Me: Cold with fever. Freaking heat wave that won’t end. Rapping kids. Dance offs. Sand, boats and jelly fish. That’s a quick summary.
    Oh, and Sure Fit is a great place to get couch covers. We have old couches too, and they look so much better with those covers.
    Hope you feel better!


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