Year of Root Beer – Boylan Bottle co

Boylan Root Beer, another brand neither of us had tried before. 
Allison’s Review:
creaminess – 2.5
Eh, average. Nothing special.
flavor – 3.5
A lighter more soda taste. Actually, it tastes like a cross between a cream soda and a root beer. I really enjoy it, however I think there should be more of a root flavor, as it is root beer.
carbonation – 2.5
More carbonation than I would prefer. Burp city, you guys.
packaging- 3.5
The packaging design is simple and to the point. It looks old,  which seems to be the trend most brands are going for. The bottle itself is a good shape and has a nice lip to it.
overall – 3
I liked this one and I think I would definitely repurchase it.

Ray’s Review:
Creaminess – 2.5
This one doesn’t seem like creaminess was something they were concerned with. There is a small bit of creaminess to the root beer but nothing to write home about.
Carbonation – 2.5
This one seems to be a little over carbonated to me. Immediately after starting to sip on it, I had those carbonation burps.
Flavor – 3.5
This is one that seems to have a unique flavor to it. It’s strong on the mint flavoring, something I never really noticed in root beers until we started doing these reviews. I don’t know if that’s something I’ve just missed all these years, or we’ve just happened to find minty root beers. This one is made with cane sugar, which to me usually has a bad after taste. I don’t get as much of that from this root beer. The flavor to this one seems to be a little more complex than your average root beer. There are a few other flavored that I can’t place. But over all it a pretty enjoyable flavor.
Packaging – 4
I’m into the packaging. Simple two color logo on a brown bottle. Vintage inspired, because they boast about being from 1891 so they seem to be appealing to that.
Experience – 3
I neither loved nor hated this root beer. The flavor was a little unique but the over carbonation made it not one of my favorites.


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