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Well, it’s officially summer which means hiding inside with the AC on (I mean, I do live in Florida), swimming in the springs, iced coffee and movie nights! Here are my top ten favorite summertime movies!

10. Wet Hot American Summer – Dirty, ridiculous summer camp. Also, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd pre Parks and Rec.
9. The Baby Sitters Club – An obvious choice for anyone who read the series OR spent majority of their summers babysitting.
8. It Takes Two – Yall, I will always love a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie… especially if it’s dealing with mistaken identity.
7. Troop Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills, what a thrill.
6. Jaws – Classic. Self explanatory.
5. Hook – Part of this movie actually takes place in London in the winter… but I don’t care. Neverland is a summer-y place and I love it.
4. Jurassic Park – Another summer classic. Can we take a moment and talk about how amazing the special effects were in this film? It’s seriously ahead of it’s time.
3. Little Darlings – Another summer camp movie. I’m not sure how well-known this one is, but it’s a must-see for any girl.
2. Now and Then – This was actually my favorite movie for many years.
1. The Parent Trap (original) – Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

Runners up: Camp Nowhere, The Parent Trap (starring Lo-ho), Gidget

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