Summertime Songs

I associate music with seasons of my life. I also get in music rutts and will only listen to one cd, artist or single song for months (um… or longer).  Summer songs do not necessarily have to be beachy or super upbeat for me. They just have to evoke some sort of summerish nostalgia type feeling. Real specific, huh?

My top 10 favorite nostalgic summer songs:
1. Ten Dead Dogs – Wild Sweet Orange
2. Summer in the City – The Lovin Spoonful
3. Thirteen – Ben Kweller
4. Feminine Mind – Chris Merritt
5. West Coast – Coconut Records
6. California – Copeland
7. Paralyze – Gasoline Heart
8. Time of the Season – The Zombies
9. Made to Love – Toby Mac
10. Robert Randolph and the Family Band – Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That

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What are your favorite summer songs?

3 thoughts on “Summertime Songs

  1. Kelly Ann

    I’m TOTALLY the same way in that I associate certain music with certain seasons. Which is funny that Copeland is in your summer listening and I can ONLY listen to them in the fall. In fact, I turn them on the first autumn-y day that comes. And just last week I switched the song when they came on. Even though I love it, I just couldn’t do it! lol

  2. Lauren

    Love this list! I do the same thing with music, in the Fall I only listen to Johnny Cash and Bluegrass. The summer I listen to a lot more pop music. Must be all the sunshine!

  3. Brie

    Omg, I just listened to Ten Dead Dogs this morning for the first time since… last summer probably. We MUST be sisters!


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