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Alliray: Why we’re the same

photo.JPG7We both think Black Cat is the weirdest cat we’ve ever met.
We both love lime popsicles.
We both wanted wooden wedding bands instead of gold and diamonds.
We both have a tiny freckle on our right feet in the same place.
We both have a soft spot for late 90s/early 2000s christian jams.
We’re both ok with listening to the same song 239047230948 times in a row.
We’re both a little bit more analog than digital.
Apparently, we both take open mouth pictures like 16 year old girls. Haha.
We love each other a whole lot. =)

Alliray Love Story – Chapter 4

Considering Valentines Day will be here rather shortly, I think it’s time for another installment of the Alliray love story.photo (38)

During the fall of 2007 Ray and I were together all the time. I specifically remember one day  Ray asking me to come hang out at his apartment and watch a movie. We watched Superbad (btw – not as funny as people say it is) and I worked on a 2-d art project involving monochromatic maple leaves. Haha!
On December 17th of 2007 I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day. Basically, I was walking down the stairs at work, stepped wrong, and ended up breaking my foot. So dumb, right? Ray was really sweet to me, even when I was hopping around his apartment with my foot in a cast. He even wheeled me around in a wheelchair so I could Christmas shop at Webb’s Antique Mall.
A few weeks later, on New Years Eve, Ray opted out of a meat-and-booze-type-party to hang out with me at a low key pretzels and-dominoes-type-party. We watched the ball drop and then left for his apartment because we wanted to spend more time together. We watched Punch Drunk Love and talked until 4am. At that point, I pretty much knew he had a crush on me. =)

Catch up with chapters 1, 2 and 3.

Alliray Love Story – Chapter 3

live oak dipticSo, remember like 8 months ago when I started posting a series about our love story? Well, I never finished it. I don’t know why I quit, but the other day I got really sad about it and decided I needed to continue. Since it’s been a while you might want to check out chapter 1 and chapter 2 first. =)live oak tanks

After Ray and I had been going to church together, we became friends and started hanging out on a regular basis. We both had boring desk jobs so we would send emails (and myspace messages, haha) back and forth all the time.
One day during the spring of 2007, Ray asked me to ride with him to Live Oak. He needed to go pay on a speeding ticket (ha). We ended up paying the ticket, getting lunch, exploring the vast metropolis of Live Oak and having a photo shoot. This is when I started to think that maybe he was kind of a little bit cute. live oak ray

The Live Oak day was really sweet and from then on we would regularly go out to lunch and have phone and text message marathons.

Alliray Love Story – Chapter 2

Over the next several years I went to many many more Unforsaken shows. They seemed to be playing every weekend and I was absolutely ok with it. My friends and I saw them at churches, events, parties, youth rallies, etc. Unforsaken was definitely the coolest local band we had. I even got one of their cd’s (that my mom bought for me at a local Christianbook store… hahah) in my stocking one Christmas.

Ray was the bass player. He had long hair, wore shiny shirts and yellow tinted sunglasses. He always seemed nice but he was WAY older than me. Like SOOO old. 5 whole years… which seems like a lot when you’re in high school. Haha.

Around the time I was 18 Unforsaken started going on long tours. Like 7 and 8 months long. They changed their name from Unforsaken to Rino, which I personally thought was a great move. It also looked better on tshirts.

At this point I was in college and had started going to a thursday night bible study at our BCM director’s house. I had become disillusioned with church and the actions and attitudes I had seen demonstrated by Christians. That bible study and the people involved were exactly what I needed at the time. I need to step back from the contemporary Christian subculture and get back to the basics. The gospel, love, sacrifice… you know, things that are a little more important than ultimate frisbee and pizza parties. Haha.

About 6 months later, that very same BCM director started a church that seemed to be full of single semi-misfits. And after a few weeks, guess who walked in the doors? The boys from Unforsaken!