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Photography, hospital stays, and Margot West


  1. I took this photo during the fall of 2005. It was the beginning of October and I  was on my way to my friends, Dale and Amber’s house. I remember the moment very specifically because it was then when I started to believe I was probably the best photographer in North America.
  2. In reality I just happened to capture a pretty sky. But look at it! 10 years later and I still love it!
  3. It’s a lot harder for me to blog in the fall and winter. I work during the day and once I get home I have approximately 12 seconds of optimal light left for photos. And, I mean, who wants to read blogs with no photos? I sure don’t!
  4. Ray always says I should just learn to take better photos in low light… but I’d rather watch The Mindy Project than learn about photos.
  5. Speaking of Ray (my bae, hunny bunny, muffin cake), it was a year ago that he went into the hospital and we discovered he had diverticulitis. 3 hospital stays, 2 major surgeries, lots of dilaudid,  $5690450968456, and a year later, Ray’s doing pretty well. old 5
  6. Speaking of Ray again… Here’s another old fall photo. A selfie before selfies were such a thing. I love this photo, but I hate that hat. I’ve always hated that hat. The Newsboy/B-Spears/train conductor look just isn’t my fave.
  7. This was maybe taken in 2007? Maybe 2008? There’s a guitar in the backseat so I’m assuming this was during the years of Margot West (Ray’s old band, if you’re new here).
  8. Margot West is one of my favorite bands and I promise I’m not even being bias.
  9. One evening in late October of 2007, Margot West (then sort of called Gun Smoke?) played a show at the county fair. After the show Ray pulled me over to his truck and gave me a birthday present of two Nancy Drew books. One about a robot and one about a fire dragon. That’s when I knew he liked me.
  10. This post got too mushy too quickly. Sorry not sorry!!!!