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Plant Day

IMG_1678IMG_1686Last Saturday we went plant shopping and grocery shopping at Sam’s. So, I guess you could say we’re practically elderly. We discovered a new-to-us nursery with hundreds of interesting plants. Everything was so pretty I had to take iphone photos for documentation.IMG_1677IMG_1675I LOVE this hanging plant! It reminds me of tortellini! IMG_1676IMG_1682IMG_1684 We ended up only purchasing 3 Dwarf Greek Basil plants. Maybe so many plants were just a little over overwhelming for us.   🙂IMG_1683


New Plants

Last Valentine’s Day Ray bought me a few succulents and a cactus. Over the last year we bought a few more house plants here and there. Then we started growing herbs in our sun room. Now it’s just out of control. Last weekend we repotted some of our plants into larger pots and started our hydroponic growing station.IMG_0015IMG_0049 IMG_0053IMG_0036IMG_0034IMG_0038We also planted some basil. I LOVE basil, and for some reason I’m really bad at keeping those grocery story basil plants alive. I get them home and they immediately shrivel. Maybe growing basil from seeds will do better? We can only hope.
IMG_0060Recently purchased plants:
– fittonia
– watermelon pepperonia
– snake plant
– moss
– a medusa-like plant I don’t know the name of
– a couple of cacti
– rosemary
– thyme