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Current Favorite Blogs

IMG_0249I started my own blog in 2008 and you can still read it here. It was mostly lists and letters and a lot of pictures from Flickr. Before that, I blogged on myspace. (#kudos) Oh, how I miss myspace. During my myspace days is when I started reading other peoples blogs. I started out reading mostly art blogs or craft blogs. From there, I moved on to wedding and party blogs. Now I mainly read lifestyle, cooking, and home blogs.
Here are 5 of my favorites right now:
1. Rachel Schultz – This blog is a rather new discovery for me, but as I’ve been looking through the archives I KNOW it’s a good one. Sooooo many recipes!
2. Lazy Sunday Cooking – Marta, located in Poland, shares bits of her home, recipes, and my favorite, her incredible garden.
3. Sit With Us Blog – A diverse group of stylish and fun loving southern ladies. These girls post travel tips, recipes, crafts, fashion, and personal stories.
4. Deuce Cities Henhouse – If you own an older home, you must read this blog. Alison has been renovating, updating, and decorating her 100 year old home for the past several years. She’s handy and resourceful! She also doesn’t take herself too seriously, which I love.
5. The Pioneer Woman – A classic, I know. I’ve been reading The Pioneer Woman for upwards of 7 years. She has recipes and hilarious ranching stories to spare! This is for sure one of my all-time favorites.