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throwback4Alliray has been around for approximately 3 years, but I’ve actually been blogging for a really long time. Since it’s #throwbackthursday, I wanted to throw back to my old blog. I briefly dabbled in LiveJournal and Xanga for a few months before I started to post on myspace (#Kudos). After myspace died out I started a blogspot blog called One Glad Morning.
One Glad Morning was a lot of me talking about my friends, my celebrity boyfriends, thrift store finds, camp stories, photos from flickr, etc. It was all over the place and kind of a hot mess, but I loved blogging so much. The other day I was thinking about deleting One Glad Morning. Honestly, a lot of the posts are pretty embarrassing. I sound like a young, dumb, self-righteous, hipster a lot of the time. But, I absolutely couldn’t delete it. There’s so many wonderful memories in those awkward ramblings and tiny out-of-focus photos.
Here are a few highlights:
Ray painting Big Brown right after we moved in.
God and Gun day 2010
Thrift store adventures
Smoothie Party
Banana bread exploration
Macedonia photos
Craft projects
Brie and I matching in yellow and short hair
Experiencing Asian food (the comments are the best part of this post)

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