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The American South: Berry Pickin’

blueberry 2blueberry 3blackberryLast Friday Ray and I traveled to Live Oak to participate in the southern tradition of berry pickin’. Berry pickin’ is not an easy thing in the middle of summer in Florida when it’s 97 degrees outside and 80% humidity, BUT it sure is rewarding. We picked blueberries and blackberries (my fave) and we were also able to take home a cantaloupe, watermelons, and potatoes!
In a matter of a few hours we spent time with family, Ray almost had a heat stroke, I got a teeny bit sun burnt, Ray fixed a computer, we picked our weight in fruit, we had an unsuccessful photo shoot, and we even took a pit stop at Dairy Queen. All in all, we had a really nice southern evening.
blueberryallisonwatermelonsallison 1 I also blogged the last time we went to the farm to pick blueberries! You can read about that adventure here.