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A look at our sunroom

IMG_0250IMG_0248Our sunroom has served  a variety of purposes. Junk room, record room, and now our plant room. We have succulents, cacti (which are actually succulents themselves), leafy plants, and herbs currently growing in our sunroom. We are by no means master gardeners, but we’ve really enjoyed taking care of our plants.
I tried looking up indoor planting tips, but mostly all I could find were tutorials on how to grow weed indoors. Not exactly what I was looking for, nor was it helpful in regards to succulents. IMG_0239 IMG_0237IMG_0253IMG_0243I like these light blue rocks, but I think the natural colored rocks give the plants more of a polished look. I’m also a fan of black rocks.IMG_0256IMG_0238 Because we don’t have kids, we don’t own many toys. A few of the toys we do own I used to decorate with in the sunroom. We have 2 ninja turtles and a spider-man you can see here
IMG_0249 IMG_0240IMG_0210 The aloe and cactus in the photo above are two of my favorites! The aloe used to live at my office, but after knocking it over a few times and only watering it once a month, I decided to bring it home for some TLC. It seems to be thriving now!IMG_0247 So, plant people, what should we add? We would like to have a few more hanging pots (we only have 2) and maybe add another shelf… but we’re open to suggestions!