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Happy Birthday Black Cat

IMG_1085 weekend - 2Guys, it’s almost Black Cat’s B-day! I promise we’re not those crazy people that are obsessed with their pets… I promise! A few weeks prior to finding Black Cat, Ray discovered 4 kittens under one of our bushes. We bathed and fed them, but after failed attempts at giving them away we ended up taking them to the pound. Shorty after that, Ray found BC hiding in our shed. He was so teeny and weird and lived in our bathroom for a few days until we decided we loved him. bc 2We actually have no idea when he was born, but we assume he was around 4 weeks old on Memorial Day 2012. BC has such a distinct personality for a cat. He ALWAYS wants to be in the same room we’re in. He LOVES to be held like a baby and doesn’t get mad if you just carry him around the house. He has 2 messed up ears. He sits on our couch like a person. He loves tomatoes and he’s scared of children. There’s Black Cat in a nutshell.

Black Cat’s Favorites!

You’ve all been waiting for it, right?! Black Cat has a definite personality, including specific likes and dislikes. Here are some of his current faves:bc faves
1. Leftover yarn poof from our Thanksgiving decorations. He LOVES these things.
2. Celery leaf (not this particular one). BC also loves carrot shavings and garden peppers. Cooking with Black Cat in the room can be a little challenging. ūüėČ
3. Squeaky mouse toy.
4. Red drawstring from an old pair of basketball shorts.
5. Gross orange stress ballbc faves 2 bc faves 3As you can imagine, it was super difficult taking these photos with BC in the room. He’s soooo bad at blogging!

Tiny Baby Cat

cat 1Last Friday night we had a few people over to celebrate our friends Darren and Kay being in town. We were hanging out on the balcony and heard a cat meowing outside. We looked down and saw the tiniest kitten hoping across our front yard. The next morning we brought him inside, gave him 32948029384 flea baths and took a few pictures.
cat 3 Isn’t he cute? We’re currently calling him Yellow Cat 2.0, Tiny Baby Cat, Phillip Seymour Cat, George W. Cat and Jennifer Love Cat. We’re not great with names.cat 2Tiny¬†Baby Cat¬†has been living in our bathroom, which is much nicer than outside in the rain, but still isn’t ideal.¬†He’s real cute and lets you hold him like a baby. Anyone want this guy?

Black Cat

gangsta kittens - bowl

Guys, remember when Black Cat could fit in a bowl?! Dyinnnnnnnggggggggg!! He’s big now, with crumpled ears and extra weirdness. He doesn’t meow much, but he does make this¬†strange sound that kind of resembles a dove. He follows us around the house and waits outside the bathroom when we brush our teeth.¬†Sometimes¬†he sits like a person. Best cat ever!!cats 2bc 2 Ray found him about a year ago in our shed being tiny and weird. He lived in our bathtub for a few days until we decided we liked him. Good decision, right? =)