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Megacon 2015 Part 1

IMG_0271IMG_0290It’s taken me a really long time to post about Megacon, which took place 2 1/2 weeks ago. It’s such an overwhelming experience and I needed time to come down from the high of that weekend. I didn’t grow up reading comics. I’ve only played one video game in my life and it was when I was in my twenties (and I hated it.) 97% of the nerd knowledge I have, I’ve gained in the past 4 years while being married to Ray. Despite being a late bloomer into the world of nerd, I LOVE attending Megacon! This was my 3rd consecutive year attending the convention, and it was a completely new experience!
This year I helped represent Lunar Eleven Studios in Artists Alley, and was given a press pass to cover the event. So, I was pretty fancy. I spent my time split between working the Lunar Eleven table, talking to potential Infinity Con vendors, watching Ray shop for comic books, and taking pictures of people in costumes- my fave!
We saw a bunch of great costumes:IMG_0293IMG_0294IMG_0312IMG_0327 IMG_0329IMG_0289IMG_0284Some really crazy sometimes confusing costumes:IMG_0334 IMG_0349IMG_0367Several seriously impressive Groots:IMG_0287 IMG_0318 IMG_0348The cutest babies to ever wear costumes:IMG_0299 IMG_0332IMG_0333IMG_0309IMG_0364More cosplay photos coming soon!!!


Tomorrow evening Ray and I will be making our 3rd trip to MegaCon in Orlando, Fl! We’re both really excited! Never in my life did I expect to regularly attend comic shows (life changes when you get married.) mega13 mega14mega16 This year we will be vlogging for the podcast Ray is a part of, Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes, and representing Lunar Eleven Studios in artist alley. We will also be promoting InfinityCon
mega8 My favorite thing to do at MegaCon is people watch. I love all the costumes!! Be on the look out for a Megacon 2015 recap post!


IMG_9533It’s hard to believe that only last weekend Ray and I were up to our ears in nerd con craziness. Ray and a few of his nerd friends and podcast buddies planned and executed an amazing comic convention in our small town. Infinity Con started as an idea for a small meet and greet and live podcast. As it grew, we knew we had something great on our hands. Infinity Con had approximately 25 vendors and over 350 attendees (not counting children under 10). There was even a line of 60 or so people waiting outside before the doors opened! It was such a great success and I can’t say enough how proud I am of these boys. The day was extremely busy so we don’t have tons of great photos, but I thought I would share a few anyway.IMG_9516IMG_9523IMG_9524IMG_9527IMG_9526IMG_9529

Big thanks to all who volunteered and attended Infinity Con! We’re looking forward to next year!