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Megacon 2015 Part 1

IMG_0271IMG_0290It’s taken me a really long time to post about Megacon, which took place 2 1/2 weeks ago. It’s such an overwhelming experience and I needed time to come down from the high of that weekend. I didn’t grow up reading comics. I’ve only played one video game in my life and it was when I was in my twenties (and I hated it.) 97% of the nerd knowledge I have, I’ve gained in the past 4 years while being married to Ray. Despite being a late bloomer into the world of nerd, I LOVE attending Megacon! This was my 3rd consecutive year attending the convention, and it was a completely new experience!
This year I helped represent Lunar Eleven Studios in Artists Alley, and was given a press pass to cover the event. So, I was pretty fancy. I spent my time split between working the Lunar Eleven table, talking to potential Infinity Con vendors, watching Ray shop for comic books, and taking pictures of people in costumes- my fave!
We saw a bunch of great costumes:IMG_0293IMG_0294IMG_0312IMG_0327 IMG_0329IMG_0289IMG_0284Some really crazy sometimes confusing costumes:IMG_0334 IMG_0349IMG_0367Several seriously impressive Groots:IMG_0287 IMG_0318 IMG_0348The cutest babies to ever wear costumes:IMG_0299 IMG_0332IMG_0333IMG_0309IMG_0364More cosplay photos coming soon!!!