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bachelor party

A few weeks ago Ray threw a bachelor party for his 2nd best friend, (because I’m his first, ha) Darren! It was mostly a chicken wing/boozefest but I did get to create some cute (I mean manly) cupcakes. Now, I don’t really know much about throwing a man party. I’m a lady and I pretty much only like lady things. If you need a nail polish party or an ice cream sundae party, I’m your girl… but a bachelor party? IDK.

We ended up having combat cupcakes (because the groom is in the army), Cheese Balls
 (why are they SO deliscious?!), lots of booze, lots of soda and lots of fancy homemade chicken wings.

I promptly left Big Brown in the early afternoon to have frozen yogurt with my mom, sushi with some sweet ladies, and girly drinks with Megan.