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Dark and Stormy

d and sI believe the Dark and Stormy is the front runner for the 2014 cocktail of the year! A few months ago Ray and I were at a party and our friend brought ginger beer for Whisky Gingers and I fell in love. The next day I spent a good amount of time looking for cocktail recipes including ginger beer. I came across the obvious Moscow Mule, which I liked but didn’t love. I then learned you can substitute rum for vodka in a Moscow Mule and BOOM, a Dark and Stormy! d and s 2Dark and Stormy
Rum (I used spiced rum because it’s my favorite, but I believe the original recipe calls for black rum)
Ginger Beer
d and s 3In a glass either chilled or with ice, add 2 ounces of rum, juice from a quarter of a lime and top it off with ginger beer. Easy and delicious! If you don’t drink you can always omit the rum (ginger beer is non-alcoholic) and it’s still really good and refreshing.