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Spring Decorations!

IMG_0187For this post I teamed up with the Dollar Tree for their I Leave Happy campaign. About 2 weeks ago 2 GIANT boxes filled with spring and Easter goodies arrived at my doorstep (actually work doorstep) from the Dollar Tree. My challenge was to create an Easter or Spring themed craft or decoration.
I decided to create 2 different decorations. The first thing I wanted to do was spring-up one of our record shelves.  I had already planned on changing up the shelf seasonally, so this was a perfect opportunity!

First, I made a tissue paper tassel garland. I made a garland in a similar fashion for our sun room (see here) and thought it would be the perfect garland to hang from our shelf.
– multicolored tissue paper
– tape
– string

This is the method I used:
1. Fold tissue paper length wise. Then width wise. Then width wise again.IMG_0157 2. Cut little strips (these are your tassels) leaving about 2 inches of tissue paper on the top.  make sure the top (or uncut portion) is on the fold. Then unfold once and cut down the middle.IMG_0158IMG_0160 3. Take one of the halves and unfold it, giving you 2 sections.  Do the same with the second half. One of them will need to be cut in half lengthwise to make 2 more sections.  You should end up with 4 separate sections/tassels.IMG_0161 4.  Take each section one at a time and roll the center portion.  Try not to let you tassels get tangled in the rolling process.IMG_0162IMG_0163 5. Create a loop out of the rolled center of the tassels. Add a dab of hot glue or scotch tape to secure the loop.IMG_0164 6. String and hang!
I’ve shown two different ways you can hang a tassel garland. I prefer to hang it vertical on the sides of the shelf.IMG_0176 IMG_0189 IMG_0190

On the top of the shelves I used the terracotta pot sent to me to plant a cactus. Actually, Ray planted the cactus because he’s obsessed with them. I used light blue stones, which I bought at my local dollar Tree, to give the cactus some spring flair. I made tiny flowers out of tissue paper and stuck them on a few of the spikes. I also planted the teeniest succulents in bright pink salsa dishes that I also purchased at my local Dollar Tree.IMG_0181 IMG_0185IMG_0192

For my second project I made an Easter themed center piece for my dinning room table.IMG_0175 Used:
– Styrofoam “floral” circle
– reindeer moss
– 2 Easter “picks” dowel rods
– pink burlap ribbon
– Styrofoam glue

Cut your ribbon to size and glue it around the perimeter of the styrofoam disc. Let dry. Glue moss to the top of the circle. I found the best way to do this is to pour moss onto a paper plate, spread glue evenly on circle and turn circle over onto plate. Let dry. Stick Easter egg dowel rods into the circle. Attach your ribbon to the dowel rods and cut into the ribbon to make fringe. Add a couple jelly beans to look like Easter eggs and you’re good to go!IMG_0174IMG_0172

I hope you enjoy these spring decorations! You can vote for my creations at ileavehappy.com (starting March 6th) and you will be entered to win a $50 gift card to the Dollar Tree. Since everything is $1… $50 will go super far. 🙂