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Star Wars Day and Donut Challange!

may 4th 1What’s the donut challenge, you ask? Well, it’s when we challenge ourselves to stay up all night and go to our local donut shop at 5:30am to get the freshest donuts! This past weekend we celebrated May the fourth, Star Wars Day, and tied it into the donut challenge.may 4th 3may 4th

We invited friends over, made some thematic snacks, and started watching the original trilogy. Our snacks included Leia’s (cinnamon) buns, Mountains of Hoth snow caps, tauntaun guts, edible ewoks, wookie cookies, bantha milk, garbage compactor mix, degobah punch, and thermal detonators. Ray even planned out trivia questions to ask after each movie. I’ll be honest, I absolutely failed at the challenge. I fell asleep toward theĀ beginningĀ of The Empire Strikes Back. I really wanted to stay up, but I had woken up at 7:30am and worked a full day on Friday before the challenge… so, staying up all night just wasn’t really in the cards. However, several people DID stay up all night and Ray was really sweet and brought me donuts (in bed!), even though I failed.may 4th 4 It was pretty fun. Do you have any movie suggestions to watch during the next donut challenge? I was thinking maybe Indiana Jones? What do you think?