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forgotten moments

I think I need a bigger purse specifically so I can carry my SLR camera with me daily. I believe it’s really important to document everyday moments. Coffee dates, meetings with friends, a delicious meal, changing leaves, fun purchases, etc. can seem insignificant and end up being forgotten. BUT, all of those smaller moments can be as beautiful and important as “larger” life events. I waited a long time for a nice camera, and now that I have one I want to take full advantage of it.
 This isn’t necessarily a “photo a day” type commitment or anything. This is just me saying I am going to try and have my camera available to capture those sometimes-forgotten moments. With any luck, some of the life-moment photos will be good enough to end up here. =)

PS – This post has been in my blog drafts for a while, but after my friend Kelly posted a similar blog ealier in the week I knew mine needed to be posted as well. Go read the post a look at her beautiful photos!