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July and August 2016 Favorites

Here’s what I’ve been loving in July and the first part of August!
faves podcast1. Revisionist History Podcast by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors and his new podcast is a great way to experience his expertise without having to wait for his next book! favea HP2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling. This is an obvious choice, especially if you know me. I’ve been a fan of the Harry Potter franchise since I read the first 3 books in 8th grade. In 2007 I was working at a Christian summer camp in Clinton, Mississippi. A small group of us went to Walmart at midnight to pick up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It felt slightly rebellious, 1. because half of our staff was still religiously opposed to HP and 2. we probably weren’t supposed to be sneaking off to Walmart at midnight. 9 years later, we have a continuation!! It’s wonderfully magical and I suggest everyone pick up a copy as soon as possible.hedwig3. Ray’s Hedwig Costume. We attended a Harry Potter themed costume party on July 30th (Harry’s birthday) hosted by our good friends, Nathan and Kristi. Since I’m a true Slytherin, I went as a teenaged Bellatrix. For Ray, I made paper wigs and a beak to transform him into Hedwig. It took several hours, but I think the results turned out pretty good! (If I do say so myself, ha!) Look how cute he is!! faves peaches4. Peaches. It’s the height of peaches season and I’m taking full advantage of it. Living so close to Georgia and the Carolina’s ensures I will also be able to indulge in the sweetest, juiciest peaches in the states.tasha 25. Artist, Tasha Boucher. I found Tasha on Instagram and instantly fell in love with her style and aesthetic. Quirky illustrations get me every time! Game-of-Thrones-Season-6-HEADER6. Game of Thrones Season 5 & 6. GoT is one of the best shows of it’s time, but it feels like such a commitment to start a season, or in our case 2 seasons. Honestly though, these last 2 seasons were so wonderful I wish we hadn’t waited! Ray and I both really enjoyed GoT seasons 5 & 6!stranger-things7. Stranger Things. Stranger Things is a new Netflix original sci-fi series. If you haven’t heard much about it, don’t worry because you will soon! Stranger Things has received so much buzz and it’s only been out for a few weeks! The show takes place in the 80’s in Indiana and channels all our favorite 1980’s pop culture, a la E.T., The Goonies, ham radios, Dungeons & Dragons, etc. It’s awesome and you should watch it!

7. Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars. I’m the type of annoying person who absolutely listens to the same song 3214908 times in a row. Lately I’ve been really into Poison and Wine (and listening to it 3214908 times in a row), which is literally one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. I missed the Civil Wars hype a few years ago, but I’m really happy to be enjoying them now.

What have you been loving lately?

Why I love Game of Thrones

game of thrones ironIf you’ve talk to me in the last 2 weeks I’ve probably just gone on and on about Game of Thrones, and for this I’m kind of sorry. I say “kind of” because I’m not sorry for loving Game of Thrones but I am sorry for being so annoying about it. We just finished marathon-watching season 2 and 3 and I can’t say enough good things. HBO is on their game, don’t you think? Here are a few reasons why I love Game of Thrones:
1.Khaleesi’s hair. Or maybe I should say Khaleesi’s wig. Either way, it’s fabulous. She’s absolutely my favorite character.
2. Opening credits. They’re definitely the most creative opening credits on tv right now.

3. No one is safe. Any character, large or small, can be killed off without any warning.
4. Winter is coming. Never forget.
5. The good guys don’t always win. Real life, yo. Joffrey’s the king. Ned is dead. Rob is dead. 340982394 other people are dead.
6. Valar Morghulis. Who even is this guy? Where did he come from? Why is he magic? I don’t know, but I like him.
7.  Liking characters in season 3 you hated in season 1. Sansa Stark and Jamie Lannister, anyone?
8. Super strong female characters. Lady-knight Brianne is one of my faves. Also, remember when Khaleesi ate a horse heart? Whew…
9. Dragons, dire wolves, white walkers, three eyed ravens.
10. Arya and the Hound. Since I haven’t read the books, I don’t have any foreknowledge on this subject but something in me believes that the Hound is good and that Arya will end up saving his life or something.
11. The Red Wedding. You guys…
12. House tag lines. We Do Not Sow. Fire and Blood. Ours is the Fury.

Can you tell I’m obsessed!? Why do you love Game of Thrones?