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Nancy Drew, the original mother of dragons

ndnd 2It’s been a really long time since we talked about my girl, Nancy Drew. Here’s a review of Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Fire Dragon!
Nancy’s aunt’s Chinese neighbor disappears and leaves a cryptic note!! Dun, dun, dun. Fun, action and culture spanning two continents! Nancy leaves for her aunt Eloise’s house in New York City, Bess and George in tow, to solve the mystery. Upon their arrival there is an explosion kicking the crime solving spree off!
Nancy and her girls follow clues through NYC and Hong Kong to solve the mystery. George, apparently, resembles the young Asian neighbor so much so that she goes undercover and discovers one of the bad guys. Ned, OF COURSE, just happens to be in Hong Kong learning Cantonese as an exchange student. Thankfully, Ned had the forethought to rent a 3 bedroom suite while there… perfect for Nancy, Bess and George.
Nancy gets kidnapped, per usual, is taken on a helicopter and while her hands and feet are tied up she is still able to write S.O.S in lipstick on the window. No worries though, Ned convinced the royal navy to help and they send fighter jets to assist.
No big deal, right?nd 3As usual, in the end the mystery is solved by Nancy and all is right in the world. So, here’s my opinion on Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Fire Dragon. I love the books where Nancy and her gang get to travel! In this installment Nancy seemed to already be an expert on Chinese culture. A few things of note:
– Nancy’s aunt Eloise is injured when an oven door blows off
– The crew played a round of volleyball while solving their mystery in China
– Nancy’s fantastic yellow dress in the cover art
Have you read this one? What are your thoughts?