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2017 Goals

Happy 2017!! I might regret this in December, but I’ve decided to publically declare my goals for the year!

– Be better with plants. We love plants, but on the real- I always forget to water them. I also tend to let my succulents get too leggy. Time to propagate!
          – A sub-goal to being better with plants is to add new pants to our yard. When we rebuilt our porch in the fall, we also removed bushes from the front of our house. I would like to replace those bushes with large cacti. I would also like to add several fruit trees (most likely citrus) to our yard.

– Be better prepared for dinner. We cook a good bit in our home, but Ray and I are both terrible at meal planning/prep. It’s completely normal for us to have dinner after 8:00pm because we had to shop for extra ingredients, allow meat to thaw, etc. I’m going to try and be better prepared for dinner this year. My goal is to plan and organized our meals on Friday for the following week, shop on Saturday morning, and prep Sunday evening. I’ve already failed at this as I forgot to buy chicken this past weekend.

– Organize our upstairs storage area. We have two large upstairs bedrooms in our home. One is our guest room and the other is used for storage. Our storage room is completely unorganized and in disarray.  We want to get rid of the furniture in that room and add shelving for organized storage. We have a lot of mismatched storage bins and I would like to reorganize everything in clear labeled bins. As much as I hate the idea, I think a yard sale might be in the future for 2017.

– Organize our Sunroom. Our poor little sunroom ends up being a catch-all for all our knick knacks, extra records, wayward furniture, rando computer parts, etc. It’s Black Cat’s favorite room, but because it’s so cluttered he knocks things over and makes it even more messy. I want this room to be almost empty except for plants.

– Redo our downstairs bathroom. Our downstairs bathroom, which is connected to our bedroom, is teeny tiny with an old sink and toilet and boring off-white walls. We’re hoping to purchase a new sink, toilet, and lighting, add shelving, and paint the walls and trim.

– Continue to work on my Southern Lady list. I’m not sure if I’ve shared it on the blog, but my Southern Lady List is full of quintessential southern recipes I need to make and skills I need to learn.I marked off homemade pimento cheese a few months ago.

– Work on personal projects. Ray and I both work full time jobs with responsibilities and a lot of times we want to come home, sit around, and do nothing productive in the evenings. While I think that’s perfectly acceptable some nights, we also have projects we’re both working on that tend to get neglected. So… a new podcast is coming to you in 2017! 😉

– Blog more consistently. I’ve been semi consistently blogging since 2006, starting with myspace blogs. I love blogging! I probably have 15-20 fully written blogs hanging out in my drafts, just waiting for photos and to be posted. I always want to include photos in my posts, and if I don’t have photos I usually wont post the blog. So, maybe I need to take photos more consistently? – Blog redesign. It’s truly time to refresh this site. I’m not looking to do anything crazy, but I would like to refresh and update this blog. Honestly, I think this was one of my goals for 2016…

That’s what I have for now! I’ll try to keep you updated on my progress!

2013 resolutions and goals

nye - 9One new years eve my friends and I went to Falling Creek, a hundred year old wooden church, wrote out our resolutions, and hid them in the walls. Why did we do that? I really don’t know, but it was kind of magical and I will never forget it. Here are my resolutions and goals for 2013:

1. Be more Christ like. Show more compassion. Love people, even when they don’t love me back. Be patient (!!!). Be still. Be thankful. Be less entitled. These are the most important ones, obviously.
2. Set aside specific time everyday for Ray and I to be together. Our schedules are so different. Like drastically different. With me working 40 hours a week + at least one weekend a month, Ray having various studio sessions during the week and doing work with our church, small groups, show meeting, etc. we get pretty busy. I want to make sure the time we’re able to spend together just as a couple is quality time.
3. Take a vacation. A real one and not to the beach.
4. Drink more water. Guys, I went for years only drinking water. We’ve actually already started implementing this one. Yay, go alliray!
5. Have a really good anniversary. Last year, our first anniversary, wasn’t so awesome. Ray had a SUPER stressful job that didn’t allow him to take time off + other obligations and we weren’t really able to have much of a celebration.
6. Make this blog more awesome!
7. Spend more time working on artistic projects. I already have a few really cool opportunities for this in 2013!

What are some of your goals/resolutions for 2013?