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Binge Worthy TV

IMG_0852IMG_0851So, did anyone else spend a good portion of the holidays relaxing and binge watching TV shows? We sure did! Ray and I haven’t had cable since we’ve been married (actually Ray has NEVER had cable) so we’ve been big fans of Neflix for quite a while. I love to hear what shows/movies/documentaries people are loving!┬áBy now I think everyone should know the cliche recommendations: The Office, Walking Dead, Parks and Rec, Orange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, etc. These are all wonderful and if you haven’t seen them add them to your queue now. Below are a few others (maybe slightly less talked about) I would suggest if you’re looking for something to binge-watch!

tvtv 2Netflix:
Turn – Turn is a revolutionary war-era drama based on the same-named novel by Alexander Rose. Picture this- British occupied New England states, spies, double agents, love triangles, lots of wigs.
Jessica Jones – A Neflix original, Jessica Jones is based off of the comic series Alias. This has been my favorite comic series by far! Jessica Jones is definitely dark, but also so so good.
Making a Murderer – There is so much hype right now about Making a Murderer. This show is a Neflix original documentary series focusing on Steven Avery, a man wrongfully accused and imprisoned for 18 years. Shortly after him being exonerated, he was accused of another terrible crime. Guys, if you love true crime this is for you!
Great British Baking Show – A huge hit across the pond, The Great British Baking Show is a reality show based around baking. Honestly, my favorite part of the show is that despite it being competition based, there’s no real drama. No sabotage, so bad attitudes, just happy British bakers!

Wayward Pines – This is a TV show based off a novel of the same name by Blake Couch. It’s mysterious and sci-fi-y and I love it. The acting is surprisingly super high quality!
Scream Queens – GUYS, Scream Queens is by the creators of both Saw and Glee… if that tells you anything. Slasher movie meets sorority life. It’s so hilarious and campy!! You HAVE to watch!!

The Man in the High Castle – This is what Ray and I just finished watching. It’s an amazon original and based off a Philip K. Dick novel. The Man in the High Castle takes place in 1962 and is centered around an alternate history in which the allies lost WWII. Germany occupies the east coast of the former United States, Japan occupies the west coast, and the Rocky Mountains and mid-west are a neutral zone. It’s so interesting!

What have you loved binge watching? I love TV!