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Nailed It!

More splatter nails! splatter nails 1The other night I noticed we were out of 3 everyday Hancock essentials; toilet paper, tooth paste, and water bottles. Dire, right? I went to Walmart (one of my least favorite places on earth), parked next to the garden center in order to make a fast exit, grabbed the essentials + a few non-essentials, dodged screaming babies and rouge carts, and got the heck out of their. In my attempt to spend the least amount of time in Walmart I ended up leaving my purse in a cart in the parking lot. My purse, including my licence, debit card, favorite lip balm, favorite umbrella, $6, and 302948029384 bobby pins. Mini panic attack, am I right? Thankfully, as soon as I realized I called Customer Service and they told me a purse had just been turned in. I want to give a shout out to the kind soul that turned my purse in rather than robbing me of my fave lip balm. YOU’RE THE BEST!!IMG_8128 So, you’re probably wondering why I felt the need to tell you about my Walmart stupidity… Well, one of the non-essentials I picked up was this beautiful Hard Candy topcoat! It’s similar to this polish, but has more of the sprinkle effect!splatter nails 3