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Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 5

Well at this point we are 1/2 way in! and only 5 more days till Halloween!!!
Who is excited? what are your Halloween plans? any costume ideas for me and Alli?

How are y’all enjoying the countdown so far?

well the next selection we have for you is a little bit of punk rock… I’ve always loved how the Misfits have done songs about horror and sci-fi movies etc… and guess what… they have a song about Halloween… so what would be more appropriate? I really don’t know…
So here is some Halloween punk rock for you!

Any other punk rock Halloween gems? let us know

Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 4

Now I have to go ahead and say on day 4 of our music countdown, that this is all my idea… Allison did not approve the banner up there (but I mean seriously do you guys love it or hate it?) or the songs… this is more Ray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown… So my wife may or may not approve… with that being said… on to the 4th song in the countdown!
So, this is sort of a weird one… it isn’t really a song you hear on the radio… but it is creepy! and it is Iconic… so enjoy Toccata and Fugue in D Minor


are there any other classical pieces you think should be added to this countdown, or just really creep you out?

Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 3

So it’s day 3 of our countdown… don’t you love the awesome job I did with that banner up above? Pure graphic design artistry there… anyway…
so # 3 on the list is gonna be Michael Jackson’s Thriller
I know, I know… this seems like jumping the gun a bit too quick… should I really not save Thriller for the last post? or shouldn’t it have been the first? nope… its right here on the 3rd day…
so enjoy the classic of our fav MJ… R.I.P.

Alliray’s Spooky Halloween Song Countdown! Part 1

So for the next few days (till Halloween) we wanted to do a countdown of songs that are either spooky, fun or just make us think of Halloween. This isn’t necessarily a top 10… just 10 songs We think are fun…

so here we go!

Our first song is Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons!
I’ve always loved the playful creepiness of this song!

So what are some of your favorite creepy songs?