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Alliray tips for living in an old house with sub-par heating

IMG_6409Four years ago Ray and I purchased a beautiful almost 100-year-old home. With our 100-year-old home we also got 100-year-old insulation, which almost means no insulation. While we have central heat, it isn’t always up to snuff. It feels weird posting this now, because we’ve had several super beautiful, not-too-cold days in the recent weeks. However, north Florida winters are fickle. Going from 80 degrees to 30 degrees in a 36 hour period is a norm. Without further ado, here are a few of our tips for staying warm in a cold house.

1. Slippers. Slippys. Slips. They’re essential. I never wore slippers until a few years ago because I always assumed socks were sufficient. Guess what? In the winter socks alone are never sufficient, even in Florida. Slippers have been saving my life and my ice block feet.faves 3

2. Lone Wolf. Ray and I consistently fight over this sweatshirt. We bought it at a Goodwill 3 or 4 years ago because we thought it was funny. Little did we know it was also warm and roomy and we both always want to wear it. Sure, we each have other sweatshirts, but none as perfect as Lone Wolf.IMG_0098

3. Casseroles. One cold COLD day last January Ray and I were freezing so we made a casserole and we truly believe it saved our lives. To be honest, we don’t eat casseroles very often. They’re not really my thing. BUT, if the temp is dropping below 30 I suggest a warm gooey meal.

4. Black Cat. If you’re going to live in an old home with sub-par heating or insulation you will need a pet to keep you warm. Black Cat (when he’s in the mood) is a great heater.bc 2

5. Double blanket. Sometimes one blanket just isn’t enough.

6. Bubble baths. A hot bath is great for curing what ails you. Especially if cold weather ails you. In the Hancock household we love baths. It’s the perfect place to relax, read a book, and warm up. Treat yo self!

7. Space heaters. Now, space heaters can be just as awful as they are awesome. They can cause dry skin, dry nasal cavities, and scratchy throats. They can also be dangerous. However, if you buy a good one it can be so wonderful. Ray’s parents gave us an inferred heater for Christmas and it has absolutely improved our heat situation. As space heaters go, you get what you pay for so don’t skimp!

Do you live in a super cold house? What are your tips for keeping warm?