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January Favorites 2016

Happy January (except now it’s February!)
Here are a few favorites I had during the month of January:
3211. Rifle Paper Co 2016 planner – In school I was a planner person. I NEEDED it to be able to get anything done. I’ve been inconsistent using a planner or agenda in my adult life. I’ve gone back and forth between physical and digital planners several times. So far, this planner has come in real handy, not to mention it’s beautiful!
2. Kat Von D eyeliner – I probably have 10 different brush and pen eyeliners in my makeup bag. This liner is my newest addition and I’ve loving it! It stays put all day!!
3. Cocktail Bling by Essie nail polish – Grey polish all day and all night.
4. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse – My current favorite face product.
5. Elf eyebrow kit – If I could offer one piece of advice to all ladies it would be to check yo’ eyebrows!!
6. Sugar Crush scrub by Soap and Glory – This makes you smell like lime sour patch kids AND exfoliates your skin like a boss!
7. House of Cards – Guys, I don’t know why we waited so long to watch this! House are Cards is a Netflix original political drama- and I love it!! Can we take a moment and appreciate Frank Underwood’s southern accent?

What were your January favorites?!

Allison’s January Favorites


1. Old White earrings from Forever 21 – One of these fell underneath our dresser in October. I finally retrieved it a few weeks ago.
2. Ghost Stories sweatshirt by Maiden Voyage – One of my favorite Christmas gifts! The company specializes in the weird. I got Ray this Maiden Voyage tshirt for Valentine’s day a few years ago.
3. Mini donut pan – I made my first batch of homemade donuts a few weeks ago. I invented apple butter donuts, and while they were pretty good I think they still need some tweaking. Or twerking.
4. The Body Shop Shea Butter Scrub – Because winter.
5. Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask – Again, because winter.
6. Orla Kiely ipad case – We bought my ipad used, and the previous owner gave us their Lifeproof case. I know they’re supposed to be waterproof and amazing, but I really didn’t like it. It was super bulky and ugly. I think this Orla case suits me much better.
7. Vigo pepperoncinis – My current food obsession. Put ’em in a salad. Put ’em on a pizza. Put ’em on a sandwich. Put ’em on a cracker. The possibilities are endless.
8.  Fiddle Leaf Fig – My favorite of all our house plants. The oversize leaves get me every time.

9. The Mindy Project – Ray and I started watching at the very end of December and quickly became obsessed.
10. Deuce Cities Henhouse – My new favorite blog! Alison and her family live in a 100 year old house and she is always working on projects to improve it. This blog has a lot of ideas and inspiration, especially if you own an older home.
This video (that I already posted on social media) of 4 Disney artists painting the same tree. It’s a nice reminder that art is subjective and we all have our own style.

Ray’s January 2014 Favorites

ray1. A Dance with Dragons: I’ve gotten most of the way through A Song of Ice and Fire, and am now on book 5. So far I’ve really loved this series.
2. A&W Root Beer: Guys, we love Root Beer her at Alliray, and this is one of our most favs!
3. New iPhone. My iPhone 4 had gotten to the point where it had for real seen better days. Fortunately because of a good deal and Christmas, Allison and I were able to upgrade!
ray 2

4.The Star Wars: Guys, I’ve been getting back into comic books, and this one is golden! It’s based off George Lucas’ original rough-draft screenplay of Star Wars. So things are familiar, but completely different. The art and writing are good too.
5. Fantomex Max Mini-Series: Fantomex is one of my favorite new characters in the Marvel Universe, and I’ve really enjoyed him having his own Max mini-series.
ray 36.Amazing X-Men – Oh Nightcrawler, how I have missed you. this is the first issue of another X-Men book that I’m really enjoying.

Sorry my January Favorites are so nerd-centric… but its what I’ve been jamming to lately.