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Sister, Sister

brie bday 3Yesterday I shared about some not-so-exciting stuff that happened last week and you can read about that here. Today I have some VERY exciting news to share that also happened last week. Drum roll…
My little sister, homegirl, bff, fave, and brain twin is home!! Brie has been living and serving in Kenya for the past 2 years and only has the opportunity to travel home about once a year. I cannot be happier she’s here! Unfortunately/fortunately Brie arrived home in the midst of terrible hospital week 2014. This was sucky for her, as Ray and I had planned on picking her up in Atlanta and visiting the aquarium, but great for me because I was in the middle of a meltdown and needed my sister.
Brie will be home until the beginning of January, which gives us lots of time to do things like watch Little Women while eating pizza and wearing leggings. You know, the important stuff.
If you’re local (or even if you aren’t) take some time to ask her about her life in Kenya. Let her tell you about her sewing project or her friends or the Cheese Palace. I promise you wont regret it!

My sister is moving to Africa

My sister, Brie, will soon be moving to Africa. I have super mixed emotions about it because I’m SO excited for her but I also might cry everyday because she’ll be so far away. I wanted her to a write a little something on this blog so you guys could be thinking about and praying for her while she’s traveling and once she gets there. So, here she is…

Guys, I’m moving to Kenya in two weeks! Does that make me a crazy person? Probably. I’m not really packed at all (except I have been washing ALL of my clothes tonight… and it’s been treacherous), I don’t have all the money I need, and I don’t even know exactly what I’m going to be doing there, but I’m so excited! I’ve felt God calling me to international missions for a long time, and now He’s opened the doors to Nakuru, Kenya and is clearly leading me there to share the Gospel and love my far-away neighbors. I’m moving to Nakuru with a sweet family (read about them here), and we will be working with His Cherished Ones International. AKA I basically get to play with babies all the time. Holla! But my main focus will be serving the family so they can be more effective in their ministries… so like maybe cooking (they don’t really have cheese and their milk is boxed and mostly comes in flavors like cotton candy and banana… what’s a girl to do?) and maybe like doing laundry. But most importantly, this means I get to wear leggings and a top knot all day every day, my dream come true! 😉 Please keep me in your prayers as I pack all my stuff at the last minute, say goodbye to the people I love most, make the 27-hour journey to Kenya, and get used to living in a very different culture. More specifically, please pray for smooth adjustments to the Kenyan culture, living with a family and in a home that is not my own, and dealing with discomforts and changes in general. I mean, boxed bubblegum-flavored milk and only spray-on deodorant… come on.