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Gangsta Cats

I would like to introduce you to our cats, Yellow and Black. We weren’t sure if we were going to keep these two, so we just started calling the Yellow and Black instead of giving them real names. Their favorite thing to do is to sneak sips of my coffee and play with a rogue mandolin string.

Black likes to sleep inside one of Ray’s amps and Yellow is really scared of the vacuum cleaner.  Neither of us are really pet people, but these two have managed to become permanent residents of Big Brown.
Another thing that is pretty exciting is that they have their own theme song…

Weekend Update

This weekend included: sleeping in, homemade onion rings, being lazy, rain storms, hydrangeas, kittens, cleaning kitten poop (blah), the twilight zone, klondike bars, dawson’s creek, church, lunch with friends, taking pictures, homemade kale soup, sweet times and LOTS of relaxing. It was wonderful.

I’m off today so hopefully I’ll do something productive and not just watch makeup videos on youtube all afternoon. How was your weekend?


Saturday evening, right before we were about to celebrate cinco de mayo with Megan and Daniel, Ray discovered we had tiny kittens living in our hydrangea bush. He was able to rescue 2 of them at the time and later that night rescued 2 more!

They were sooo scared at first, but that’s probably because they were pulled from their home and then immediately taking their first bath. They’ve been living in the music studio, and even though we aren’t animal people, they’re pretty sweet.

We named them Samuel L. Jackson, Judy Garland, Woodie Guthrie and Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Aren’t they cute?!