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Infinity Con 2015 recap!

IMG_3613As many of you know, this past weekend was the second annual Infinity Con in Lake City, FL. If you would have told me 10 (or even 5) years ago that I would be part of putting together a comic and pop culture convention I would have told you that you’d lost your mind. But guess what, this is where I am today.
Infinity Con was a lot of work. Like, A LOT of work. We were planning last fall, and probably should have started earlier than that. We had volunteers tirelessly working Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to make this event great. Guys, I just want to cry when I think about how amazing our volunteers were. When the flooring we rented turned out to not be at all what we ordered, our volunteers BUILT a floor. They not only built a floor, they took the floor apart, moved tables and chairs, put together pipes and drapes, cleaned, stuffed bags, folded tshirts, manned our ticket booth, took care of our guests, MCed our panels, dug moats in case of rain, parked cars, and so much more. We just can’t thank them enough!!IMG_3610IMG_3387IMG_3606 (1)One goal for Infinity Con was to create an environment that promoted the arts and creativity. Another was to have a place where people, who perhaps sometimes feel like outcasts, could feel included. We also wanted to provide a family-friendly event for our local community. We wanted to love and support our local community and the larger “geek” community… but what actually happened was that they loved and supported us more than we could have imagined. When we felt like we were about to break over flooring or weather, we experienced an overwhelming amount of love and encouragement. I mean, on Saturday morning when I was on the edge of tears, the Mayor wouldn’t stop talking about how great Infinity Con was for Lake City. When the Fire Marshall arrived before the event (and we had quite a few things that needed to be changed) he was so encouraging and helped us come up with a plan to make the event safe.
It was a long hard weekend, but it was wonderful! Thank you again to all our guests, attendees, and volunteers! See you next year! FullSizeRender