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Lists upon lists upon lists

IMG_0240The last week in the form of lists. Please enjoy.

Friday, May 1st
– Happy May Day!
– Stressful work day, but my coworker bought everyone frappuccinos!
– Pizzaria dinner of 1 meatball and banana pepper stromboli for me and 1 meatball, pepperoni, black olive calzone for Ray.
– I painted, Ray organized comics, Brie watched, Black Cat slept.

Saturday, May 2nd
– Happy Free Comic Book Day!
– I woke up with a cold thanks to my coworker who came into work while sick. NOT the same coworker who bought frapps.
– Ray and I left around 9am for Jacksonville to “celebrate” free comic book day.
– Stopped at Gotham City Comics. Ray searched for comics. I wondered around outside and witnessed a verbal fight regarding the parking of a hot dog cart.
– We made our way to Superhero Hive Comics. It was 10 minutes before the doors opened and the line was already wrapping around the building.
– Superhero Hive gave away 3 free comics to each person!
– The guy in front of us in line told us about a new secret shop on the other side of town!
– The most talkative person on the planet managed to get in line behind us.
– After an hour I could feel myself going down. The cold was catching up to me and my energy was depleting. I couldn’t breath out of my left nostril and my mascara was now on my cheeks due to water eyes.
-We left Superhero Hive and made a starbucks pit stop to help regain our energy. I had a s’mores frappuccino and instantly fell in love. I don’t drink a lot of frappuccinos, but a few years ago I missed my chance to try the limited edition coconut frapp, and have been regretting it ever since.
– Arrived at Cosmic Comics, the secret one the line guy told us about. Ray bought comics. I made enemies with a girl dressed as sailor moon.
– Our next stop was Superhero Beach!
– I love going to Superhero Beach because, well, it’s at the beach!
– Superhero Beach and the Jax Beach Library teamed up for Free Comic Book Day. They had a shuttle running from the shop to the library all day, costume contests, games, and more. Such a great idea!
– Drove down to Green Cove Springs to see our friends at Sidekick Comics.
– Ray bought comics. I had an awkward conversation with a man about Hell Boy. Who even is Hell Boy?
– We drove down to St. Augustine, paid $10 for parking, and had dinner at The Columbia, one of my favorite restaurants.
– I ordered a mojito and a 1905 salad. It was perfect.
– We stopped by The Kookaburra for our favorite coffee drink, the Honey Badger. Honey, cinnamon, vanilla espresso. To die for.

Sunday, May 3rd
– Ray, Brie, and I drove to Orange Park for an early morning (well, 10am) showing of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.
– Well, I loved it.
– I’m so obnoxiously into Scarlet Witch being an Olsen sister.
– I’m also really into Vision and the brief starry-eyed moment he shared with Scarlet Witch.
– Actually, I loved everything about Vision.
– Black Widow and Hulk?! I can’t even handle it!
– Can someone explain to me why Thor decided to go swimming in a pond with his scientist friend? I have no idea what was going on there.
– After the movie we ate lunch, visited yet another comic shop, stopped by Sam’s, and went home.
– Ray took a nap. Brie and I sat on the couch and did nothing.

Monday, May 4th
– Happy star Wars Day! See our star wars party from 2 years ago here.
– Ray and I arrived at Lake City Medical Center at 7:50 for his surgery, which was to repair an incisional hernia that happened after his last surgery in December.
– Ray went back to get prepped. I sat in the waiting room and watched morning talk shows.
– After he was prepped, I got to hang out with him. A nurse started singing to us which was kind of annoying because it was still only 8:30am.
– Ray went back for surgery. I sat in the waiting room and watched Let’s Make a Deal for the first time. I hated it.
– Ray got out of surgery and a nurse FINALLY came and got me after he had been in his room for 30 minutes.
– More surgery had to be done that expected, so Ray was admitted to a room and we got to spend the night in the hospital. Again.
– Having surgery is terrible. Recovering from surgery is terrible. Honestly, we had a TERRIBLE day. We had amazing nurses though, so good job LCMC!!

Tuesday, May 5th
– Happy Cinco De Mayo! How many half-ass holiday can you fit in one week?
– Ray got to go home! Yay!
– I went back to work! Boo.
– Black Cat tried to take care of Ray while I was gone. He did a terrible job.
– Lots of pain meds and zero sleeping.

So, that’s all the excitement happening with the Hancock’s. Ray’s is continuing to recover, albeit a hard and very painful process. I’m preparing for a huge work event on Friday (today!) and trying not to stress about it. We’ll let you know how everything goes!