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April and May Faves 2015

IMG_0414IMG_0418IMG_0407IMG_0404IMG_0406IMG_0409IMG_0408 1. Coffee Shop of Horrors Siren Song coconut coffee – We saw these guys at Free Comic Book Day on May 2nd and couldn’t resist picking up some locally roasted horror-themed coffee. Last Christmas I bought a tea for Ray from Coffee Shop of Horrors and he loved it! They will also be a vendor at Infinity Con this year! Make sure to check them out!
2. Minnie Mouse Ears!!!!! In April, Ray and I celebrated our 4th anniversary by spending a few days at Disney World. It was perfect. We rode rides, ate fancy meals, and spent lots of quality time with each other. I bought Minnie Ears to commemorate the occasion.
3. Mentos Pure White Sweet Mint gum – Let’s be real, I found this gum in the glove compartment of our car. I have no memory of purchasing it. I have no idea where it came from. All I know is that I love it.
4. Watermelon socks from Old Navy
5. Too Yacht To Handle by china Glaze – Ray picked this color out.
6. Sweet Talk to Me by Chine Glaze – My favorite nail color is Splash of Grenadine by Essie but I can’t find it in any store! Sweet Talk to Me is almost an identical color, although a not-as-great formula.
7. Not Your Mother’s sea salt spray – This sea salt spray seems to work as well as any other sea salt spray, but smells WAY better.
8. Simple cleansing micellar water.

9. The Walking Dead – We took a two and a half year break, but now we’re caught up on all seasons available through netflix. It’s intense guys.
10. Daredevil – Daredevil premiered on Netflix in mid-April and was renewed for a second season after about a day and a half. It’s REALLY violent, but also well written and thought out. I think we watched the entire season in a few days. My favorite character was the Kingpin, obvs.
11. Hannah Maggs – The most beautifully edited vlogs I’ve ever seen.
12. The Liturgists Podcast
13. Avengers: Age of Ultron

May 2014 Favorites!

It’s May favorites time! May was a busy month for us. We both had a lot of work projects going on and events happening every weekend. We’re looking forward to some lazy summer days!
faves 1

1. Better Homes Lemon Pepper scented wax cubes. My mom gave me a tart/wax warmer for Christmas and I LOVE it. We’ve tried out many different scents and this one is my current favorite. I’ve found that a lot of the wax tarts you buy at the grocery store can have a cheap, super sweet scent, but this one is light and refreshing.
2. Tree Hut Body Butter in the scent Coconut Lime. Perfect for summer AND the Tree Hut brand is much cheaper than what I was using before.
3. Saga issue 19. Saga is the first (and only) comic book series I’ve ever read. I picked up the trade of issues 1-6 at the library in January for Ray because I thought it looked kind of weird and fun. He never read it, but I loved it! While we were at Megacon Ray bought me the trades for issues 1-18! Issue 19 just came out and I loved it!
faves 24. Trader Joe’s Quinoa and Black Bean chips. If you’re near a Trader Joe’s you HAVE to try these. Super flavorful and only about $2 for a huge bag.
5. It’s a 10 Leave-in Conditioner. This is actually a free gift with purchase sample I got from Ulta, but I’ll probably buy the full size when I run out. This stuff makes my hair so soft!
6. Orbit peppermint gum. A girl’s gotta have fresh breath.
faves 3

7. The Girls are Out by Essie
8. The More the Merrier by Essie
9. Turquoise and Caicos by Essie.
10. Splash of Grenadine by Essie. Can you tell I’m on an Essie kick?
11. Teal and blue earrings from Target.

12. Summer! Summer is probably my least favorite season, but I still love it a little bit.
13. All I Do is Win by T-Pain, Ludacris and DJ Khaled. I kind of love Luda.

What have you been loving this past month?

Ray’s May Favorites

may faves ray1. Minnetonka Moccasins – Its been a lot hotter here in the FL so I’ve traded up my norm of boots for moccasins a few days a week… They aren’t as hot!
2. Sports drinks – so I’ve been working out in the yard a lot lately and these and 1000 water bottles keep me hydrated.
3. Popsicles – Its been hot. These are cool.
4. Aquaponic Gardening by Sylvia Berstein – Reasearch for future projects
5. Working in the garden
6. Soaker hose for the garden. HUGE time saver.


Allison’s May Favorites

may faves may faves 21. Vintage jadeite measuring cups from my in-laws
2. gala apples
3. trashy teen vampire novels
4. Tic Tacs
5. Maybelline Baby Lips
6. Maybelline BB Cream
7. Seed Savers Heirloom Seeds
8. Arrested Development
9. Working Air Conditioning! Our AC was out for a few days last week, and living in Florida it gets pretty hot. Thankfully, it’s all fixed and we didn’t have to buy a whole new unit.
10. Youtube. I want to be a vlogger!

May Favorites

1. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette – I’ve had this for months and I absolutely 100% love it. I got it for Christmas and then lost it for 3 weeks because I accidentally put it in a shoe box. Thankfully, I found it and have been wearing it ever since.
2. Coconut Oil – OH MY GOSH. I’ve been using this instead of a lotion or moisturizer and it’s been wonderful. It also works as a really great hair mask. Sadly, it smells way less coconutty than I thought it would.
3. Trident Layers gum – Mostly it just does a good job of hiding my coffee breath.
4. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve – It’s basically rose scented vaseline in a tiny cute tin that fits perfectly in my purse.
5. Nivea Moisture Hydrating Lip Balm – I think my mom put this in my stocking in 2010…
6. Essie Go Overboard – I’ve painted my nails this color about 5 times in the last month and a half. Basically it’s the perfect nail color.
7. Coffee-mate Caramel Macchiato creamer – seriously my absolute favorite creamer. SERIOUSLY. Go get some now.