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Summertime Songs Pt. 2

So, this will be my (Ray) first contribution to Alliray.com. I technically don’t believe its a guest blog when your name is in the title of the blog though.
anyway, I thought it was kind of fitting that my first blog here will be about music…

Instead of me associating songs or bands with seasons, I tend to associate them with events. So these may not seem like the most summery songs, but to me they will always be summer songs.

1. This Town Will Eat You – Twothirtyeight This is one of those bands that I have a vivid memory of seeing live just a few times. one of those times it was out in this field at a festival in Alabama during the summer. The sun was just going down, and it had been a great day of watching tons of amazing bands, but this was one of my favorites. I still listen to this band all the time, but I always think of that day when I do.
2. Cake Walk – The Snake The Cross The Crown – Ok I know I said songs remind me of events, and this one is a little different than Twothirtyeight. This song reminds me of all the times I ever lived on the stage, played the guitar, and wanted to get paid. No responsibilities, just doing what I wanted. It was the best of times and the worst of times haha. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but I also wouldn’t go back.
3. Meet Me In Georgia – Gasoline Heart I was friends with Louis from Gasoline heart when he was doing a band called The Kick (a lot of you FL friends probably saw them play a lot). That band broke up and everyone was really sad, they were such a great live band to watch. Well I heard that Louis and Johnny (from Squad Five-0, who had also played for a while in The Kick) started a new band. My first opportunity to hear this new band was in 2005 at Cornerstone FL. It was another show where the sun was just setting (Note: If you ever want me to fall in love with your band make sure you play a festival and play as the sun is setting haha) they had a guy playing Hammond B3 and they played this song… wow… it was so good… It’s still my favorite Gasoline Heart song.
4. One Time – Cool Hand Luke – There were several albums that I would LOVE to sleep to when I was on tour. I would be in the back of the tour van with my pillows, a bandanna over my eyes, and my iPod playing this album taking a nap while traveling in between shows. I particularly remember this album/song while we were driving through Nevada/Arizona/Texas desert areas.
5. Sparks – The Who Well my favorite movie for a long time was Almost Famous. There is a part in the movie where William (the main charagter) gets a stack of records from his sister who has left home, and a note. The note says “Burn a candle and listen to Tommy and you will see your future” I always loved that. So when we were staying in Ohio for a few days on tour I went out and bought the CD of Tommy (I had the vinyl, but you can’t listen to a vinyl on the road) So that night Justin Dansby our current drummer and I sat up, lit candles and listened to Tommy. Unfortunately we did not see our future, but it was a good time.
6. Aeroplane – The Everybodyfields This song makes me think of driving around with the windows down during the summer.
7. Plenty of Paper – Eisley This whole album is so good, and the whole album feels like summertime-feel-good-driving-with-the-windows-down music… but this track makes me remember summertimes so much more than the others.
8. Molly’s Chamber – Kings of Leon This album was like a theme album for tours. (not the themes on the album, just party music)
9. Rocks Off – The Rolling Stones This was our wake up jam every morning on tour! This song just gets me so pumped!
10. Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks – oh goodness… i just want to get a frosty beverage and sit outside in the sun and live life.

Here is a Playlist of them for ya, if it doesn’t work for you update your flash or browser, or try a different browser.

Sorry some of these descriptions were so long winded, my wife (you know, Alli) tells me I can be somewhat of a windbag.