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Expensive Wish List

Ray and I are both pretty frugal people (especially these days) and we aren’t planning on accruing any debt. However, sometimes it’s fun to make wish lists even if you know you’ll never purchase the items (hello mouse shoes).

This is my current wish list:
1. Kitchenaid Ice Cream attachment – I’ve seen this in action and it’s pretty great. I’m a big fan of  ice cream and I like the idea of making it myself and knowing all the ingredients that are put in. Peach ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, blueberry ice cream, caramel ice cream…
2. ELF L’Amour purse (not the shoes) – I want this to be my first grown up lady expensive purse. I mean, a handmade leather purse from Bali? Yes, please.  3. Esther Pearl Watson print – As I mentioned before, I LOVE Esther Peal Watson’s paintings. They’re so dreamy and you know I love a space ship.
 4. Marc Jacobs mouse shoes – I feel like these don’t need any kind of explanation. How can a girl say no to a mouse shoe?