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Why I love Murder, She Wrote…

Thanks to netflix instant I recently discovered Murder, She Wrote. I know, I know. You’re all embarrassed for me, but I can’t help it. Somehow, growing up, I was able to totally avoid the show entirely. I mean, it started before I was born but it did run for 12 seasons so I feel like I should have at least caught it once or twice. Anyway, it’s completely ridiculous and I love it. I mean, look at the picture. Classic.

Reason why I love Murder She Wrote:

1. Jessica Fletcher jogs in EVERY episode. Even when she’s on a 2 week cruise. Even when she’s confined on a bus en route  to NYC.

2. Jessica Fletcher is the old-lady version of Nancy Drew… and we all know how much I love Nancy Drew.

3. When Jessica Fletcher is in disguise or pretending to be someone else, the only thing she does is put on a hat. Jessica pretending to be drunk – fedora. Jessica pretending to be rich – turban.

4. Jessica Fletcher has 348573489573 nieces and nephews.

5. “Tonight on Murder, She Wrote…”

Please tell me your favorite embarrassing tv show/movie to make me feel less like a big lame-o. 😉