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Thoughts While Watching Downtown by Macklemore aka Who is Ryan Lewis


Here are a few of my thoughts while watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for Downtown. Enjoy!

– Macklemore is so clever and charming. Actually, I’ve heard Ryan Lewis is the mastermind but I still don’t know who he is or how he fits into this situation.
– Whew! Mopeds are never not hilarious.
– The beginning of this video reminds me of the Electric Company. I liked the show, but my true love was always Sesame Street.
– “Honestly, I don’t know nothin’ about mopeds.” *taking a break to text Ray and ask if the motorcycle shop he did IT work for sold mopeds. Good news! They did!*
– “Ooooooh! It’s too real!”
– Is $800 an accurate price for a moped? *texting Ray again. He says it’s closer to $6,000.* That doesn’t seem accurate either…
– 1:20 Oooh! I love this green Evel Knievel¬†suit!!! I’m ALWAYS okay with a man wearing fringe.
– 1:25 I also love the Moosercycle!!!
– 1:37 Homegirl is fabulous in those hoops and that denim shorts jumpsuit. Romper? Idk, I like it. Very early 2000’s J-Lo.
– Baseball player catching a fish.
– Here comes crazy man with a motorcycle chariot.
– Wait. Is that Ryan Lewis?!?!?!?!
– Moped side cars?! When I see a sidecar I always think of the cooking show Tow Fat Ladies, because their preferred way of travel was by motorcycle and sidecar.
– 2:36 High singer/possible Ryan Lewis gets a fringe coat to match his fringe vest. So much fringe in this video! Also, so many pointy collars.
– Street fight!!!
– 2:53 I can’t decide if piggy back man is funny or scary. He has a villain mustache which is scary, but he has bangs which are funny. His face never moves which can be both scary and funny.
– Is Macklemore a furry?? This is my new #1 concern.
– “I’m on the back street, listening to Blackstreet!!!!!”
– 3:29 Macklemore’s face while riding on the back of that moped is too good!!
– The dance moves are getting a little too “penis centric” for me right now.
– Mystery high singer/possible Ryan Lewis is back! I like his dance moves but I feel he’s at risk of breaking his knees, which would probably be the worst bones to break. I don’t know, he’s probably a professional though.
– 3:38 My seconds favorite part of the song!
– 4:02 I love smiling man in red velour. He’s the baseball player that caught a fish earlier in the video.
– Street party!!! Macklemore and mystery high singer/Ryan Lewis are friends again!
– Hip hop and mopeds bring people together!