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Allison Drew on Nancy Drew

In Nancy Drew book #18 Nancy Drew The Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion, Carson Drew has a client in Florida that was wrongly accused of taking explosive oranges into the Kennedy Space Center. Nancy, Bess and George are, of course, up for a mystery/vacation. Surprisingly (or not) Ned’s family happens to own property in the area so Ned and the boys come down to help. Towards the middle of the book Nancy and the gang discover a “moss covered mansion” near the Nickerson’s property. Noteworthy moments: Nancy puts out a fire on the orange grove (while all of the workers watch), sausage trees are explained, the leopard escapes multiple times, Carson Drew’s plane crash lands and apparently Ned is a reflector antenna expert. 

Sluething Tips:
1. Never enter a creepy mansion, especially when it houses a leopard…
2. When in doubt, bring raw meat embedded with tranquilizers.
3. Always avoid photographers.