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2014 in Polish

2014 was a good year in polish for me, even though I’ve been neglecting my nails for the past 2 months. I decided to post my top ten favorite nail looks from 2014. Enjoy!

1. Space Nails – I ALWAYS love space/sky/nebular nails.space nails
2. X-Men Nails – Ray has been a huge x-men fan since he was a little boy. I did this look for the Days of Future Past premier! xmen
3. Panda Nails – Because why not?panda nails 2
4. Pineapple Nails – Pineapples were so trendy this summer! I had to represent with a little nail art! pineapple nails 2
5. Water Color Gradient Nails – These turned out so much prettier than I was expecting.fruit loop nails 3
6. Green on green Nails – Inspired by Twin Peaks!greens 1
7. TV Nails – Inspired by a Zooey Deschanel manicure she wore to the Golden Globes.tv nails 2
8. Rose Gold Tipped Nails – Simple and pretty.classy 2
9. Zig Zag Nails – Inspired by a bathing suit I had as a child.80s 2
10. Triangle Nails – One of my favorite color combos!rage 2

Looking forward to new nail inspiration for 2015!

Nailed It

ragerage 2

You may have seen both of these polishes in my Top Ten Favorite Summer Polishes, and let me tell you, I REALLY love them. For this look I painted my nails with Essie’s A Splash of Grenadine, taped off a triangle with good ole scotch tape, and painted Orly’s Rage in the triangle. Easy as pie!
I can’t get enough of this pink color. Pink is a hard color for me to wear. Baby pink makes my skin look dirty and hot pink makes my skin look sallow. I think this cool toned medium pink is my perfect pink!
rage 3

“Pink is my signature color.” – Shelby, Steel Magnolias

Nailed It!

pineapple nailsI’m back (said in my Veronica Mars voice)! What better way to welcome the summer weather than a little tropical flare?! About a week ago I was watching a youtube video on fruit nail art and decided to try a pineapple nail. It’s not the most beautiful pineapple, but I really like it!pineapple nails 2Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Nailed It!

geo nailsNailed it on a Wednesday? Crazy! Actually, I had a minor meltdown Sunday afternoon while I was trying to take blog photos because I don’t really know how to use my camera and it takes forever for me to change the settings. I ended up taking these photos yesterday during my lunch break.geo nails 2This design was super easy. All I used were 3 nails polishes and scotch tape!

Nailed It!

galaxy 2In honor of Star Wars Day this past Saturday I made galaxy-far-far-away-nails! I had been wanting to try galaxy (or nebula or milky way or whatever) nails for a while now, but I thought it would be really complicated. Guess what… it wasn’t complicated at all!galaxy nailsI’m way into these nails. They may even stay on my fingers for more than a couple days before I decide on something else. Hmm, we’ll see…