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Weird Sh*t My Husband Owns

I’m going to be honest, my husband owns a lot of weird sh*t. He lived on his own for about six years before we were married and apparently spent most of his time acquiring weird-o things.  This is going to be an ongoing series on alliray, so get excited. Let’s start off with this gigantic ship painting:
Allison’s take:
I mean, seriously? This painting isn’t the ugliest in the world, but it sure is the biggest. Where will one ever put it? Right now it lives in one of our upstairs bedrooms on the floor because we don’t have any wall space that’s big enough. When he lived in an apartment it took up an ENTIRE wall of his bedroom.
Ray’s take:
I bought this painting at an auction. I like nautical themed paintings with ships in them a lot and I have several others. This one was just so large and majestic, so I waited all night during the auction and the auctioneer never tried to sell it. Near the end of the evening he asked if there was anything else around that people wanted to bid on (it was getting late by this point and a lot of people had left). I told one of the helpers that I was interested in the painting so the auctioneer put it up for bid and started it off at $500… I thought to myself “dear lord, i would never pay anything near that” so he kept getting lower and lower and lower and lower untill he finally said “ok $20? anyone want it for $20?” so i jumped at that! I lifted my bidding card, and the rest is history. I loaded it up in the back of my truck, got it home to my tiny apartment and put it up in my bedroom. It took up the whole wall and I felt like a king.

And there ya go…