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Valentine’s / Olustee Weekend

olusteeRay and I had a really good Valentine’s / Olustee Festival weekend. To be honest, the majority of our weekends are made up of sleeping late, staying in pajamas, dishes laundry and maybe a little podcasting. Not so exciting, huh? We knew this weekend would be a little more interesting so we took the opportunity to vlog again!
So, why don’t you take a peek!

Guys, it was SOOO difficult to get this video uploaded to youtube. We’re still youtube beginners and in the process of figuring everything out. So, I apologize for this video being being about a week late.

Booze and Bacon Party

The other night some friends of ours hosted a Booze and Bacon party! So clever, right? It was lots of fun and everyone brought such creative (a delicious) dishes. Unfortunately, I only had my iphone so the documentation of the event isn’t super high quality. But hey, it’s booze and bacon and I don’t think anyone is going to care too much about low-quality photos. šŸ˜‰photo (50) Ray and I brought Peanut Butter and Bacon cookies, homemade Bacon Jam, and bacon infused whiskey for Bacon Old Fashionds! All of them turned out really delicious.photo (51)photo (52)

We also had BLT sliders, maple-bacon cupcakes, bacon jalapeno poppers, tequila-bacon guacamole and bacon-caramel-whiskey-marshmallow-chocolate bark. Whew, so good.Ā photo (53)

We really like fun food themed parties! Do you guys have any good suggestions for us?

Halloween Party 2012

This past weekend was really busy for AlliRay. Friday night we helped with theĀ annualĀ Trunk or Treat in downtown Lake City. It was incredible fun and successful. Ray and I spent most of our time helping with the hayride around the lake, which was absolutely perfect for us because one of our favorite past times is to drive around that very lake.

Saturday, we went to a Halloween Party and played True American. If you watch New Girl, you might be familiar with the game True American. We waited until the last minute for costumes so I ended up being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Ray went as a khaki scout from Moonrise Kingdom. We ended up having a lot of fun playing the game and spending quality time with some of our good friends.

Have you, or do you plan on attending any Halloween Parties? What will you be dressing as?