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Cooking with Ray: Potato Casserole

cwr2Sometimes you just need a good Potato Casserole that is cheesy, creamy and EASY. This is that casserole!!!

This is one of those recipe that you can change up however you like, but this is the way I go about it.

What you need:
cwr1Potatoes – I like to use red potatoes, mostly because you don’t have to skin them. You just clean them, cut them up and go. You’ll need enough for 1 layer to cover the bottom of your backing dish.
cwr3Onion – I usually dice up one large onion for this, I prefer a good yellow onion.
soup2 Cans of Cream of Mushroom soup
cwr4Cheese – lots of cheese… I love cheese and don’t believe you can ever have too much in something like this. I love a sharp Cheddar cheese! For this I used Sargento’s 4 State Cheddar shredded cheese. Delish!

So, I said this was simple. Here is what we do.

Step 1 – Clean and cut up all the potatoes.
Step 2 – cook up some bacon
Step 3 – add the 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup. Mix in some of the Bacon with the soup and potatoes. Make sure to save a little bacon though.
Step 4 – cover with cheese
Step 5 – crumble the saved bacon and add to the top
Step 6 – Cook for 45-60 min on 350 (or until the potatoes are good and cooked!)
Step 7 – Enjoy bacon-y cheesy creamy potato goodness!